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Trouble with Sod Shock Tube Simulation Example

    • Justni Rhea
      I am trying to work through the Sod Shock Tube Example video provided from the Ansys website, and I am running into issues which do not let me yield the same results as the instructions. I've provided a link to the video and time stamps of the steps that are giving me problems. 
      [0:22] One of the first steps is to click File -> Read -> Mesh, and to click the Mesh files provided in the zip file online. For some reason, none of the files show up when opened in Fluent for me, instead I have to search for them in the startup menu and open them at startup.
      [4:15] Once the initial parameters have been entered, the contours for the static pressure are displayed, and in the example the tube is clearly shown and red and blue like below. 
      However, after numerous attempts to replicate exactly which functions were clicked and the values entered in, I am always getting this green bar with scattered coloring.
      From then on, all of the plots do not match and the example is essentially incorrect for me. I have gone through the example several times and cannot seem to find where the issue is, and what I can do to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
      Sod Shock Example video below
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Check you're looking for .msh.gz or .msh.h5 assuming you'd extracted the files into the working folder you told Fluent to start from. 

      The second image looks like you initialised and then didn't patch, or used hybrid. Check that step. 

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