Try to calculate power and impedance integration with python

    • David trop


      I didn see a command in lumerical script(and python) that can take a mode from the resaults i got

      in MODE fde solver and let me set the area and calculate the pecantega of power inside that area as there is an option

      in the GUI of lumerical

      I would love to know how to do that in python command


    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee


      Some of the features in the of the FDE GUI cannot be trivially replicated through simple script commands. The basic overlap calculations can be accomplished via script commands Overlap script function; however, if you wanted to recenter or something you would need to shift coordinates. Same thing is true for the power and impedance calculations in Modal Analysis tab. To get the power in specified area you would want to integrate the poynting vector(P) over the desired shape and divide that by the integral over the entire window. To do this set the limits of integration appropriately or apply a filter to the region you want to integrate. This filter would be binary array with 1 inside the surface you want to calculate the power, and 0 outside, then the contributions outside the region will be zero.

      As you are aware I am sure all python methods are the same as lumerical script commands. The following would be helpful.

      integrate - Script command


      Good Luck,

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