Trying to get field overlay data correctly

    • yank4


      When I send the TE mode wave(in -x direction) using floquet port from bottom of the box and show in overlay, it shows like this ( it is just a empty air box with and pec to block the signal propagation):


      Now I want to get the value of those E field. Therefore, I set the far field(with phi = 0, theta from -180 to 180). 

      When I got the plot, I got like this.

      The graph show the E field at 15000GHz, 20000GHz and 25000GHz using infinite sphere(phi = 0 all the time)

      Could someone explain why I got this E-field graph? In my understanding, infinite sphere at theta = 0 is at top of the z aixs. And field overlay shows all the waves are blocked by the pec at the top of the z axis. However, I can not understand why I still got value at the graph. Especially at theta at 0, which clearly indicates the top part of z axis, I got E field value at 687mV at 25000GHz.





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