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Tube, modify bend radius


    • luca
      Once a tube is created, can bend radius be changed?
    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Luca

      I think this could be possible through scripting. You can first create the centerline of the pipe and create a parameter for the radius of the centerline. Then Pull out a circular profile to create the solid pipe. 

      You can access the radius parameter in the script so that when you change the parameter value, the script would create a new pipe geometry. (You will also need to add a command for deleting the geometry at the start of the script so that every time to run the script, it starts from a blank session)

    • luca

      Thank you Naresh Patre

      was hoping this to be already in some SC option.

      Will investigate scripting option as I am a bit more into SC, still learning it.


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