TUI command for multi-stage transient model

    • Lugia_06

      Hi everyone,

      I read the post answered by @DrAmine and @Kremella (https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/2878/journal-file-for-dynamic-mesh-update) and think it will save me a lot of time if I could also run my multi-stage transient model with a journal file.? I have defined the boundary conditions, dynamic motion/zones, cell registers etc on the GUI and now all I need is to write a jounral file that can automatically run for multiple stages. However, the TUI command lines does not work very well?. Any help will be very much appreaciated.

      Command line:

      /file> start-journal

      Journal file name[] aaa.jou

      Opening input journal to file "aaa.jou"



      Domain> nozzle_internal

      invalid command [nozzle_internal]


      cell zone id/name(1) [()] nozzle_internal

      Error: eval: unbound variable

      Error Object: nozzle_internal

      Simulation Steps:

      1. Start journal file

      2. Initialize the case

      3. Patch cell register "nozzle_internal" fluid mixture to pressure 10000Pa

      4. Patch cell register "nozzle_internal" fluid water to volume fraction to 1

      5. Setup number of time steps and the step size for stage 1

      6. Run the model

      7. Delete the cell register "nozzle_internal"

      8.Modify the number of time steps and the step size for stage 2

      9.set up and Repeat 8 for other stages


      1. How to patch for a cell register when the TUI console does not regonise the name of it and it does not have an ID (The command lines above shows the error)

      2. How to differentiate mixture and pure fluid(water) in TUI and what are the commands for defining pressure and volume fraction (The TUI command text guide under patch does not have an explanation)

      3. How to setup the number of time steps and the step size, and run (the TUI command line guide only introduced solve/iterate but not very useful for transient, I have tried solve/set/adaptive-time-stepping but the system cannot recognise this command)

      4.What are the commands in the brackets

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If you use the TUI manually the commands will follow and tend to be fairly logical. For your commands, run each one manually to check what's being asked in the code as it's common to miss something. Not all commands are fully documented as each will vary based on which models are active: ie the initialise values will only ask for inputs based on models so the command is different it k-e, k-w or RSM turbulence is on. ncx-gui commands come from writing a transcript for macros from the GUI. They're often unreliable as they're dependent on whether the panel was open or not before and after running the journal. They're also pretty much impossible to read. nIf you need to set up and initialise a model it's easier to do this in the GUI. Save the case & data then use journals to control if you're running on a cluster. Whilst I have set up models using TUI journals I don't recommend it: we have 1500 boundary conditions to input which I wasn't going to spend 2 days doing manually! n
    • Lugia_06
      Thanks for your suggestion !n
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