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TUI – Operating Conditions – Floating Pressure

    • driftingninja


      I have a closed volume with an ideal gas mass flow inlet b.c. The simulation tracks nicely with experimental data when I have 'floating operating pressure' checked. The issue is I need to dynamically turn the floating operating pressure off during the run as the mass flow inlet b.c. just becomes a wall (valve is shut off) and another wall becomes a pressure b.c. (valve opens up) but the pressure b.c. is incompatible with floating operating pressure. Most of my dynamic changes are through TUI executions via cases under calculation activities. I was hoping to find a TUI command to turn the floating operating pressure on/off but could not find this as an option. Does anyone know if turning this on/off is possible via TUI? Journal? UDF?

      Thank you!

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      You can use TUI: define/operating-conditions/operating-pressure

      For more details you can check fluent text command list: Chapter 2: define/ (ansys.com)

      Thank you.

    • driftingninja

      Hello SRP:

      My question is. What is the TUI command to enable/disable the floating operating pressure?

      Thank you,


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