Tuned liquid damper

    • laurahernandezc


      I'm just sarting with fluids Simulations. My first Task is to model a tuned liquid damper.

      My first and Basic question is which one of the Tools is the best for making this Kind of model in your Opinion.

      Basically now i have a recipient and i want to fill it with water. And then been able to attached to a structure, for then run a transient Analysis.

      Thank you very much in advance

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Maybe explain how it works, and include images.  

    • laurahernandezc

      Hi, well, a TLCD is basically:

      A tuned liquid column damper (TLCD) consists of a U-shaped tank, comprising two vertical tubes and one horizontal tube, filled with water. The effect of the TLCD on the structural response is attributed to the out-of-phase oscillation of the liquid with respect to the structure to which the TLCD is attached.

      The Picture is attached, i have done so far the model of the 4 DOF structure and now I'm working in parallel with the TLCD model...


      Thanks in Advance!


    • Karthik R


      It seems to me like you are looking at some way of using water to dampen acoustic oscillations. I'm thinking sloshing of water causes the damping. If this is the case, you should be able to use (again I'm taking the liberty of assuming that I fully understand the physics here) the multiphase models in Fluent to estimate the sloshing. You will need to combine it somehow with acoustics. You can either use Ansys Mechanical to drive the acoustics and use system coupling with Fluent to model the sloshing. Or you can (perhaps) use the acoustic solver in-built in Fluent. I'm hesitant here because I do not completely understand the physics of what you are trying to achieve. 

      The best way to find out a direction would be to look at previous work done in this field using Ansys. Please look at literature and try to replicate their results. This would give you a great starting point.


      Best Regards,


    • peteroznewman

      Advance to 0:50 in the video (unless you can read Korean) to see the motion of the liquid damping the structural vibration of the top of the "building" when the ground is shaking in an earthquake.

    • laurahernandezc


    • laurahernandezc

      I'm working with the model of the damper as a multiphase model..

      Regarding literature, nobody explains how they make the model.. 

      My Question now, is how I can Combine both models? I should able to see a difference in the Response to the structure with the TLCD.



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