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Turbine blade thermal analysis

    • Amir Mehrdar


      I have a simulation for turbine blade surface temperature analysis. The blade has a complex internal cooling. Available parts consist of vane geometry and muscle and domain geometry to determine the surface of the hot gas hitting the vane.
      For simulation, I first subtracted the complex geometry of the cooler from the vane with the Boolean tool, and then the vane from the main domain, but there was a problem in meshing.
      What should I do to make the geometry so that meshing does not become a problem?
      In the attachment, I uploaded the blade and cooling geometry

    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Amir,

      Could you please elaborate a bit more on what problem you got during meshing . Any screenshots of the error message so that I can suggest a suitable solution to correct your meshing. What is the meshing tool you used and what were your inputs for the meshing and what parts where the error occured and the mesh information in detail ? 


      Chaitanya Natraj

      • Amir Mehrdar

        Hello. The meshing problem has been solved. The next problem is that when updating the mesh in the workbench environment, I encounter an overlaping error.
        I want to know if my boolean method is correct or not?
        At first, I enter three geometries including cooling geometry, blade geometry and domain geometry in Design Modeler. Then I calculate the cooling geometry from the blade and then the geometry of the blade from the Boolean domain. However, after meshing it gives overlapping error
        Thank you.

    • Amir Mehrdar

      I sent the errors in the meshing in the attached file. Also, for domain geometry, I used sizing with element size 5 mm. Is the order and method of Booleaning correct for the geometries and what tool should I use for the mesh to solve the problem?

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