TurboGrid ERROR. Minimum distance s

    • rodriguez

      Hello everyone,

      I am currently working on a wind turbine blade and would like to mesh it with Turbogrid. This has a cut-off trailing edge and a flat tip.

      But when I want to import the geometry from DiesignModeler into Turbogrid I get the error message "Parameter out of bounds. Minimum distance s requested =2.56965 e-005".

      My guess is that the dimensions of the cut-off trailing edge and the flat tip are so small relative to the entire domain that they are below the possible accuracy of Turbogrid/DesignModeler.

      Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

      I would be very grateful for any help.


    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee

      If this is an industrial sized wind turbine blade, it sounds like perhaps the cut-off trailing edge is resembling a sharp knife-edge.  Some possible workarounds:

      -Turn off the "Cut-off or Square"  trailing edge definition in TurboGrid.  Using a different topology for the trailing edge may avoid the error

      -Try scaling up the geometry in DesignModeler by a reasonable value such that the mesh generates in TurboGrid.  Scale the mesh back down in CFX-Pre.

      -Modify the geometry in DesignModeler to avoid this knife edge (if that's what's causing the issue).  Dimensions that small for such a large geometry aren't realistic

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