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turbulence intensity profile, wind flow

    • Rosa Richárd



      I want to simulate wind flow over a tensile membrane structure. From the EUROCODE (or from different standards) I have the velocity and turbulence intensity profilem which I would like to use in the numerical calculation as a boundary condition at the inlet surface. However, for some reason I cannot define the turbulence intensity profile, as I get the following warning: 'expression is not single-valued'. Any idea how could I solve this problem? 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's been reported before, and is being looked into. The intensity is a % in the panel and between 0 and 1 from an expression.

      I think a UDF (DEFINE_PROFILE) will work otherwise it's more usual to set k and e/w depending on the turbulence model. There are papers with the atmospheric boundary layer profiles, we tend to use the one by Hoxey (I think - I've lost the reference). 

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