Turek-hron FSI model continuity convergence

    • sarbakhshian

      Hello, I've been trying to verify this Turek-Hron benchmark for FSI simulation, The velocity convergence in x,y and z directions is going well but it is giving me huge values in terms of continuity residuals. How can I reduce continuity residuals for this model? I have tried to refine the mesh and change the solution methods (SIMPLE,SIMPLEC,PISO...) but still having same results. I'm attaching some pictures of residuals and mesh here.

      I would appreciate any comments.


    • Karthik R
      From the residuals plot, it seems to me that you may need to increase the number of iterations in your Fluids simulation. The convergence should at least be 3 orders of magnitude for each residual. This will affect your accuracy.
    • sarbakhshian
      Thank you so much for the reply, beside the convergence problem I have also faced a new problem during the solution. Fluent dynamic mesh is not remeshing correctly, I can see some elements projecting out of the symmetry plane, which shouldn't be that way!! What do you think of it?

    • Stephen Orlando
      Ansys Employee
      Please have a look at this tutorial showing how to set up an FSI case (specifically the dynamic mesh settings in Fluent) for a 2D extruded geometry. https://ansyshelp.ansys.com/account/secured?returnurl=/Views/Secured/corp/v221/en/sysc_tut/sysc_tut_reedvalve_fluent.html
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