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Turn signal Relay Problem

    • Tennywang

      I have a question, I have a 78 gmc tiltwheel pickup, its been shall we say, upgraded to what ever fits the owner at the time, its rusty, but I had everything working well, Then the blower motor seized up, so I installed a new one, and it would not work, I had to hot wire it from the fuse box, and then found out the turn signals wont work, I checked bulbs, and wires, and put in a new switch, and still, they dont work, I have power going into the switch, and the 4 ways work, and running lights, and brake lights, but no power coming out of the switch, for turn signals?, I tried 3 different flashers as well, Ground? bulb?. why would both heater fan, and signals stop together? I have read the blog about the turn signal relay. https://www.apogeeweb.net/electron/the-best-guide-to-the-turn-signal-relay-flasher-relay-test-and-faq.html

      But I am still confused...

      Is there anyone can help me? Many thanks.

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee
      Hi It looks like the question does not belong to simulation or physics related but on signal relay.
      So as Ansys employees, we may not be able to provide you correct advice.
      We will leave it to the forum community who can guide you better.
      Thanks Chinmay
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