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Tutorial: Projectile Moving Inside a Barrel / Two flow areas geometry

    • Simon Dehareng


      I am currently attempting to simulate the movement of a projectile inside a barrel under high pressure using ANSYS Fluent. My initial attempts were based on a tutorial from 2006, which seems quite interesting to follow. However, I have encountered an issue with the global geometry being split into two parts due to the projectile geometry. At first glance, do you think this is a problem? And how would you cope with that if it was your problem? Keep in mind that this part is dynamic, so the mesh will inevitably move. This was my first (and the most important) question. 

      Additionally, despite extensive research, I haven't been able to locate the files related to this tutorial. My second question (though I'm not very hopeful) is whether anyone has come across or possesses these files (the geometry file and the UDFs). Thank you in advance for your assistance!

      Best regards,

      Simon Dehareng

      NB: Here is the link to the tutorial https://dokumen.tips/documents/fluent-tutorial-dynamic-mesh-projectile-moving-inside-a-barrel.html

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Check Help in the solver - the documentation tutorials are there. Similarly "Learning" on here has some content that may be relevant. 

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