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Tutorial workbench with sintering process;

    • João Paulo de figueiredo da silva

      Hello everyone,

      I would like to know if exist a tutorial for ansys mechanical workbench which I can use to study the sintering process. I read the article below:

      and in this present study consist to compare the numerical results with experimental in ceramic components. In general, the ideia is put the ceramic mass in the oven. During the oven time the maximum temperature is around 1200 Celsius degrees and the temperature activation is around 600 Celsius; So, in the end we have a deformation and retraction. 



    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee


      Sintering process simulations in Mechanical are performed using the Sintering Process Add-on, which simplifies the setup of the sintering material model. An Additive Suite license is required to use the add-on. 

      For more information about sintering process, please refer to the follwing Ansys Help Document:
      Sintering Simulation Guide ( 

      Vinayak Vipradas

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