Two inductor in parallel

    • FredV


      I want to make two coil in parallel and then make these two in series with the third coil, as shown in the attached figure

      How to setup this structure in ansys maxwell under eddy current mode? I want to simulate the total inductance achieved with these inductors.

    • mchristi
      Ansys Employee

      This can be simulated in the Maxwell Eddy Current solver by first creating three windings  with type "external" and then connecting them in series/parallel (as shown in your schematic) using the and external circuit editor.  Please reference online help topic: "Setting Up an External Circuit Using the Maxwell Circuit Editor".

    • Radian

      Kindly help to get the External Ciruit editor launched in Maxwell 18.1 

      I created a new transient design and the editor will not launch or show in the project manager tree after I have created windings and then hit EDIT EXTERNAL CIRCUIT. 

      I have done this many times in V16 but now the circuit editor seems to be not independant anymore .

      To go forward I imported a netlist sph file which I had previously created.  That worked but still I cannot get into editing that circuit or the new project circuit.

    • xzhao
      Ansys Employee

      Maxwell Circuit editor can be launched by using the shortcut on the command bar - Desktop - Maxwell - Maxwell Circuit (screen capture below). A netlist is the script representation of a circuit design. Using a circuit design can create a netlist file while a circuit design cannot be automatically recreated by its netlist.



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