Two Motion Set-Up Error/Problem in ANSYS Maxwell & Twin Builder Co-simulation

    • tanjavier

      Hi guys,

      I have to assign 2 motion set-ups on a Ansys Maxwell model, to Ansys Twin Builder. As there is a transient-transient co-simulation, I cannot define Motion Set-Ups in Maxwell, and I will have to define the Motion Set-Up in Twin Builder. I then get this error on Twin Builder:

    • Deyu Li
      Ansys Employee
      two motion setup is not available in Simplorer.
      If you have to stay with Simplorer, the workaround could be: making the first moving object static, and make the second moving object moving as a relative speed to the first moving object.
      Or you can simulate everything in Maxwell, excitation could be an imported dataset.
      Hi tanjavier
      do you have a method to solve the problem?
      i got the same issue and finding how to to it.
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