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Two or More remote boundary Error Ansys FEM

    • Alfandaru Talita Yubelium
      When I carried out a storage buckling simulation with static structural and eigenvalue, it was found that after dropping the Eigenvalue Buckling system and connecting the Static Structural Solution to the Eigenvalue Buckling Setup, the solution for linear static structural became an error and the tank object, especially for buckling analysis, could not be processed. Where is my wrong step? is there any solution?
      Thank You
    • Raihan Lutfianto

      Hi Alfandaru. Make sure to revisit the project guide and do the steps carefully. This error usually happens due to an "accumulative" error since the beginning of the simulation. Make sure to not proceed to the next step before you can obtain the exact results from the guide (for the first static structural simulation, check the expected total deformation and for the eigenvalue buckling, check the first load multiplier).

      This error could also happen due to incorrect boundary and loading conditions.

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