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Type of elements and 2d stress problem

    • emesilva

      Hello everyone, I am new to ANSYS and also in this forum.

      The issue is this: I am modeling a plate in tension with stress concentrators and I started with a 2D sketch in Design Modeler and gave it its thickness in Mechanical APDL. I used structural steel and restricted the displacement of one face completely and applied a force on the opposite face to simulate tension.

      Respecto to meshing, I used both linear and quadratic elements and also in the method window I picked both triangular and quadrilateral (dominant) elements, in addition I also refined the meshing on the stress concentrators with smaller elements.


      However, I commented this to my professor of finite elements and he told me until I define if my elements are CST or Isoparametric (for

      example) '' the finite elements I was using were not finite elements and it wasnt enough with just linear quadrilateral elements or quadratic triangles (for example) ''. The question is: in which part of ANSYS can I configurate if my elements are Isoparametric or CST (for example)?


      And I have another question related with the problem that I mention: what elements should I use near the stress concentrators? I know I have to refine the mesh in those areas but I know there are elements in particular that are not recommended to use under certain conditions, although I do not have it absolutely clear because I'm new to the finite element method.


      Greetings from Chile and I sorry for my english, I'm working on it.

      Note: For the plate in the screen capture: H = 150mm, L=150mm, d=100mm, r=15mm, t=25mm, h=10mm, P = 1000N, sigma nom = 1 MPa and the maximum normal stress I got is 1.73 MPa.

    • emesilva


    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      See The Theory Reference for info on element shape functions.  It is Chapter 11 in the Release 19.0 version.  Check the Element Reference section for the applicable element type to see if there is a keyopt setting to select any element option.   

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