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Tyre deformation modeling problems

    • yy4g17

      Hi guys, for a part of my individual project, I am currently trying to model the deformation of a tyre using ANSYS STATIC STRUCTURAL, I have found a publication of the correct material properties for different sections of the tyre, and configured the simulation settings to what the publication has outlined, that is, with the ground displacing 10mm towards the tyre and also applying an internal pressure in the inside surface of the tyre. The problem is, at the moment of contact, the solver will fail to converge on a solution. When the inflation pressure is applied, the solution can't even start due to lots of highly distorted elements errors. I have then created another standalone system with a simplified tyre model, but the same problem exists. I am quite new to Static Structural, can any one give some help for the multi-layered model? Will really appreciate it!

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      Due to company policies, Ansys employees are not allowed to download attachments. But here is a previous post that might help you with debugging:


      Hope it is helpful!


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