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General Mechanical

UAV wing G loading

    • twnspl


      I want to simulate a 2g load case on a 3m long UAV wing. To achieve this I have found the CFD loads on the wing at operating speed and angle of attack. I have transferred this loading to Ansys static strucutral, I have then added the acceralration loading with 3 times the g(9.81) value. However I see that the strucutral integrity of the wing is maintained even in 3g case. In fact the strucutre fails at 40g loading. According to my literature survey this is not realistic. I wanted to know where I might be going wrong. The wing is made fully out of carbon fiber, the wing has 10 ribs, one tube type spar.

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      May be you can sum the reaction forces and see if this matches the applied load. May be the material property specification (like density) is not right.
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