UDF cgmotion and at_end during FSI calculations

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      Dear all,

      Im performing Fluid-structure interaction as coupling of the Fluent and Mechanical solvers.

      This way, I got multiple coupling iterations during one timestep, i.e. multiple Fluent solving during a single timestep.

      However, in my model I need to use also an UDF at_end and cgmotion, which I was using previously only during a standalone Fluent calculations. Therefore my questions arises, how these UDFs will work when there are many coupling iterations per timestep? I mean, I'm asking if the UDF at_end and cgmotion will be runned during every coupling iteration, or just during only last coupling iteration? I strongly preferr the latter option

      Kind regards

    • Stephen Orlando
      Ansys Employee
      I believe the UDF will be run every coupling iteration.
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