UDF- errors

    • Abdelrahman92


      I am trying to write UDF for non-Newtonian viscosity to account for shear rate induced by particles motion from DPM . When I compile it I got attached errors. can you help me what are they

      UDF for specifying a PL viscosity property
      #include "udf.h"
      #include "dpm.h"

      #define k_contin 0.451
      #define w 0.71

      DEFINE_PROPERTY(cell_viscosity, cell, thread)
      real mu_lam;
      real P_velco, p_diame, defor_1, defor_2, defot;

      P_velco = P_VEL(p)[1];
      p_diame = P_DIAM(p);

      defor_1 = C_STRAIN_RATE_MAG(c,t);
      defor_2 = P_velco/p_diame;

      defot = sqrt(defor_1*defor_1+defor_2*defor_2);

      mu_lam = k_contin*pow(defot,w-1);
      return mu_lam;

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Udf is wrong. You need to loop over I ejections then over particles to get particle pointer. Easier to store any particle related information in cell memory in dpm scalar update udf.
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