UDF for CG Motion cannot be loaded

    • Shuvadeep

      Hello vganore,

      I am trying to compile the udf of motion. But error pops up each time. It shows

      Error: The UDF library you are trying to load (libudf) is not compiled for parallel use on the current platform (win64).nnThe system cannot find the file specified.

      nnD:Flapping Wing Simulationsmoving mesh Piezofan simulationTest1MMPiezoFan_filesdp0FFFFluentlibudfwin643ddp_hostlibudf.dll

      Error Object: #f

      #include "udf.h"

      DEFINE_CG_MOTION (rotational_motion, dt, cg_vel, cg omega, time, dtime)
      Domain *d =Get Domain(1);
      Thread *t_object = Lookup_Thread(d, 2);
      real moment [ND_ND], cg[ND_ND], force [ND_ND];

      Compute_Force_And_Moment(d, t_object, cg, force, moment, TRUE)
      real moment_z= moment [3]; * To compute the moment at the beginning of the time step and feed into the equation of motion */

      real i1 = exp(-0.823*time);
      real i2 = cos (8.19*time);
      real i3 = 48870 sin(8.19*time);
      real i4 = 2.893 pow(10,-8);
      real omega = -i4 * moment_z * i1 * (i2-i3);

      cg_vel [1]=0.0;

      cg omega [0]-0.0 ;
      cg omega (1)-0.0;
      cg omega [2]=real omega;

      Fluent version is 18.2 and VS 2015.

      Please help!

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Are you able to compile other UDFs?

    • Shuvadeep


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      So you have compiler problem. Can you go to VS command prompt x86_x64 and launch Fluent from that prompt and compile a dummy udf.

    • Shuvadeep

      Tried that also. Not working

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Can you type cl to check?
      Have you checked compiler threads under our installation subgroup?
    • Joe001
      got the same issue.n
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