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UDF for Moisture Transfer

    • Zeshan Aslam

      Hi everyone,

      I am modeling the heat and moisture transfer through the membrane in ANSYS FLUENT. As mass transfer through the membrane cannot be modeled in ANSYS FLUENT without a user-defined function.

      Actually, I am new to writing UDF and trying to write a code for moisture transfer through the membrane.
      Can someone please suggest some related materials which can be explored to deal with this problem?

      I have gone through the ANSYS UDF Manual but didn't get the related problem.

      Looking forward to sincere guidance from the seniors.

      Best Regards,

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The UDF manual is about the only thing I can recommend; as staff we're a little limited on here. The normal approach is for a linked sink & source term. If you look for membranes on here several have asked questions over the years and other community members have given aid. 

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