UDF for switching boundary condition/ valve opening/pressure build and release

    • Arunmanikam

      Hi All,

      I am simulating a cfd simulation where gas fills a chamber transiently and when pressure builds beyond a value, say 15 bar, one of the solid surface (which is meshed as sold valve) that separate the outer fluid domain with the chamber opens up. So i would like to create a udf where based on pressure it will switch from wall to interior (and both shadow and main surface merges) and solid_wall cell zone would become fluid zone type and simulation continues. Any pointers to udf would be helpful. Is there a quicker way to achieve this goal. Kindly let me know.



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      It's not quite that easy. The UDF needs to call a scheme command to trigger the change, and then make sure it doesn't revert to a wall when the pressure drops. I think someone's looked into this and reported back on here, good luck finding the thread.
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