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UDF Implementation for overset mesh case

    • vatakere

      Hey I am trying to implement a UDF for a 2-DOF pitch-plunge airfoil to an overset mesh in Fluent. The UDFs are shown below. Just wondering, what is the best way to implement UDFs in Fluent with an overset mesh?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Have a look at the two tutorials in Help. I'm not sure if they use UDFs, but the general set up is covered. You then add the UDF to whichever setting you want to adjust: it may be a constant in the tutorial. 

    • Konstantin
      Ansys Employee


      DEFINE_GC_MOTION is the right UDF implementation for this. I see some variables are not defined in your UDFs. Are they defines somewhere else? Is there anything that is not working in this UDF? There is a video on using DEFINE_CG_MOTION with oversets:


      Hope this helps.


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