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UDF maco value does not align with contour of build in value

    • AnthonyB08

      Hi all,


      I am simulating an Eulerian-Eulerian model with momentum source/sink terms. To validate the insertion of the terms I am checking the logistics on pertinent variables, like axial and radial velocity. To access these velocities I wrote my UDF momentum as seen below 

      Where the magnitude of the liquid velocity is as follows

      I then verify that this magnitude is working correctly by equating U_L to a user-defined memory as such 

      However, when I compare U_DMI(c,t,33) with the velocity magnitude of liquid ( both shown in a contour plot) they are not the same... what am I doing wrong ... are my pointers incorrect?

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      Please can you post images of both fields? 

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