UDF to get results in a text file

    • argenisbnl

      Hello to everyone, I'm trying to run a large number of simulations in fluent using design points, and I would like to gain some time getting the results automated after a case is solved (Fluent must create the text file after a case is done).

      I want to write a UDF to get results in a text file, maybe using DEFINE_EXECUTE_AT_EXIT, but what I do not know is the name of the variables that I must write in my C code, and how I express that I want that variable in some defined surface (Like a wall).

      For example, I want to get Temperature at a wall that is defined as wall1, how can I write this? I mean, what is the name that I have to write in my C code to say "temperature" and then "I want the temperature at this wall" I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      if you have workbench, no need to use udf. 

      you can create output parameters in fluent and you can see them on workbench project. 

      the second video is from mechanical. but the procedure of working with parameters in workbench project page is similar.

      following videos may help you. 


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