UDS Scalar wrong?

    • schwaral

      I have a question regarding the UDS Scalar Contour Plot. 
      I have a transient 2D pipe case. Between vel-inlet and pres-outlet I have a porous media. I have defined at the Inlet a value X for UDS-Scalar. 
      When I plot the contour of UDS Scalar I see a different value in the domain. I do not have added source terms. My diffusivity = 0. Convective term = mass transfer option from fluent. Unsteady term = default. 

      I expected in the whole domain for the contour the value X i set at the inlet (0.01). The plottet value is ~118.7. The only thought i have, the density might be involved in the value but couldn't figure that out.

      Since I want to simulate later on filtration with UDS i really want to understand the problem here. I am happy for any help

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