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Ultrasonic Welding and heat generation

    • partha

      I want to do an ultrasonic welding simulation. I designed a simple horn (catenodial). I did the harmonic analysis on the horn to find the frequency response, from this natural frequency response, I need to find how much heat was generated on the tip of that horn. I also did a transient thermal analysis to find the amount of heat at the tip. But i did not find any way to give frequency as an input.

      Could anyone help me with that ?

      Best Regrads


    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee
      Neither of the two analyses you performed captures the physics of the heat production mechanism. I don't know what it is myself. It could be friction in some cases or possibly internal damping. If you wanted to based it on internal friction you could do a direct two way coupled thermal-structural (thermoelastic) analysis like Example 2.6.3 in the APDL Coupled-Field Analysis Guide.
    • Haiquan
      any updated to share on this ultrasonic welding simulation? I am very interested on this topic
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