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Unable to add Execution Nodes in HFSS HPC

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    • aoria

      Hello everyone,

      We have a 3 machines setup within an HPC environment (1 head node, 1 execution node, 1 client).

      HFSS 2021 R1 software is installed in all of them, they are all running the same AEDT version and have been registered with AnsoftRSM (the head node will be used to execute as well).

      However, when trying to add the execution node through the ARC configuration GUI on the head node, the interface will just go from "configuring new node" to "ready" without actually adding the node.

    • Randy Kosarik
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Aoria HFSS is not compatible with ANSYS RSM (or ARC) at this time.
      ANSYS Electromagnetrics RSM is available within the AEDT installation media - under "Install Distributed Simulation Technologies"
      Please search AEDT help for "Integration with ANSYS Remote Simulation Management" and "Remote Analysis"
      See the following video for a brief overview installing RSM on Windows:
    • aoria
      Hello Randy Just to confirm, does this mean that at this moment it is not possible to distribute HFSS simulations across multiple solver nodes within an ANSYS HPC environment?
      I am confused since, as you are saying there is indeed an RSM component available for HFSS that can be installed on multiple machines. How could we combine the resources of said machines to distribute simulations across them?
      Thanks for your time and help.

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