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Unable to attach to geometry file error

    • Manu

      I made a 2d basic design in Discovery for a Steady State Thermal analysis but I get this problem when I open the model:

      The analysis type is setted to 2D.

      I also couldn't import the geometry.

      Ansys Version: 

      2023 R1
      Point Releases and Patches installed:
      Discovery 2023 R1
      Autodyn 2023 R1
      SpaceClaim 2023 R1
      CFX (includes CFD-Post) 2023 R1
      Chemkin 2023 R1
      EnSight 2023 R1
      FENSAP-ICE 2023 R1
      Fluent (includes CFD-Post) 2023 R1
      Polyflow (includes CFD-Post) 2023 R1
      Forte (includes EnSight) 2023 R1
      TurboGrid 2023 R1
      Aqwa 2023 R1
      Speos 2023 R1
      Mechanical Products 2023 R1
      Material Calibration App 2023 R1
      ACIS Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      AutoCAD Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Catia, Version 4 Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Catia, Version 5 Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Catia, Version 6 Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Creo Parametric Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Inventor Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      JTOpen Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      NX Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Parasolid Geometry Interface  2023 R1
      Solid Edge Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      SOLIDWORKS Geometry Interface 2023 R1
      Academic Student 2023 R1

      I would appreciate any guidance to solve this issue.

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee

      .AGDB file extension is for the older DesignModeler product. 

      In general, you would not use DesignModeler, but rather transfer from Discovery directly into a Steady State thermal, or structural etc. 



    • Manu

      Thanks Gary.

      I have the same problem with another project, as it can be seen in the image below:

      This time the extension is .dsco.

      I will appreciate if you can help me with this recurrent problem.

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Manu

      The error does not give any useful information.

      Are you able to open file NewDesign.4.dsco via File > Open in Discovery? 





    • Manu

      I have been able to correct the error using this method in Discovery:

      I don't understand it completely but seems to be that enabling this 3D mode button the original 2d sketch (a rectangle in this case) is turned into a surface that the Mechanical Ansys could analize it.
      If you have any further explanation, it would be welcome.


    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee

      A sketch by itself is not a entity that can be attached or analyzed.

      A sketch can be converted to Line Bodies, or if a closed form sketch, a 2D surface.

      These entities can be attached into Ansys Mechanical.




    • Manu

      Thanks for the explanation!

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