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Unable to Import File to Ansys Electronics Student edition

    • tunahanakbas

      I am trying to import a PCB design (in odb++ format) from Altium 15.1 to Ansys Electronics Student edition, however I noticed that the standard import option is missing and I was unable to do so. Below you can see the professional-enterprise edition tree under “File”:

      See also in 2020 workshop from Ansys (Introduction to Icepak in AEDT) below:

      However there is no File-->Import tab on the student edition (see below):

      Would you kindly help me with the subject, more specifically on how to import ODB++ files to Ansys Electronics Desktop Student 2021 R2?

      In addition, is there a student addition of SIWave? I believe it is not provided with the mentioned student version.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Several of the import/export functions use licenced readers so aren't included in the Student version: the ones we usually see questions on are CAD related. Because Student can be downloaded by anyone, not all of the software is available, or it's coming once we figure out how to make the licence work so you can use the functionality to learn but not run commercial scale models.
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