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unable to impot CAD parameters (from SolidWorks 12 to Workbench 16)

    • Valeria

      Hello everyone

      I have the ansys plug in in solidworks and can import CAD as part; I import two parameters by putting the parameter key prefix DS and they are shown in Details view of the import (working in DesignModeler) but there are no boxes on the left that I can check to enable those two as Workbench parameters. 

      Can someone help please? 




    • raul.raghav

      Valeria, a similar query was posted a while ago in the forum. The solution was running the CAD Configuration Tool.

      You can find the solution here: Parameters not imported into Workbench 18.2 from Solidworks/Inventor

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee


      Parameters from SW append the part name

      DS_Length@Extrude-1@Test Part.sldprt.

      The DM parameter manager will not accept spaces or arithmetic characters.

      Rename the features and parts to something like: 






    • Valeria

      thank you all for your answers, I found out the proble was in the name of the CAD file itself so when I removed numbers and spaces from that it worked.

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