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Unable to process CATIA-drawn aircraft in ANSYS

    • kamikazedeva

      I am working on the simulation of A330-200 on ANSYS. What i did was draw my aircraft out using CATIA V5, where most of the surfaces were filled using the multi section function in CATIA V5. However as I transferred my aircraft over to ANSYS, it constantly displayed error messages saying that the multi sectioned surfaces are unabled to be processed. Other than filling it using the multi section function, I have tried extruding my aircraft parts as solids, however that resulted in error in CATIA instead as it was not possible due to the different geometry around the airfoil and the other parts of the aircraft. 

      Is there anyway you might suggest for me to work on this? As for now the only softwares/functions that i was taught to use is only CATIA and for ANSYS, i only know the basics of running a simulation using FLUENT. 

    • FrankD
      Ansys Employee


      CATIA multi-section function makes spline surfaces -- which should not present a problem for most of the translators in use.  Can you describe what ANSYS product you are importing into, and how, and the exact text of the error?  You should not have to use solids to get around this problem.

      Additionally, if you could upload even a simple example of your Catia file, we could experiment with different import methods and figure out some solution.


    • kamikazedeva

       Hi Frank,

      I am currently using ANSYS AIM student, where I use FLUENT to analyse my model, of which I use DesignModeler to prep the model for meshing and simulation.

      Error Message 1

      Attached above is the error message that was displayed when I imported my model into ANSYS.

      https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MLfH6FWGUp-L1d51Ta-m1Ls3hgYW7Z1H and this link is the link to my CATIA model as I dont have any example for my model



    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee

       Catia V5 CAD interface into Ansys must have been selected during installation, and configured using CAD Configuration Manager.



    • peteroznewman

      As Gary_S said, you have to configure using CAD Configuration Manager.

      Here is a post showing what that looks like for a SW user, but it is the same for Catia V5.

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