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Unable to run Lumerical example

    • Mariah Ha


      I am trying to run a Lumerical example "Ge on Si APD", specifically the file dealing with electrical simulation of 10um device in charge. The downloaded file contains data already. However, when I go back to layout mode and click "run" , to run it on my side, it gives this error below. Is ir because I am using the latest Lumerical version 2023.R2.2 ? If so, what should I do to get this example running? I can not go back to an old version.


    • Devika
      Ansys Employee



      Apologies for the delay in response.

      You can resolve the issue by disabling the "lock mesh" option. This option is accessible by right clicking on the CHARGE solver.

      Once the mesh is unlocked it allows for a new mesh to be created which seems to be having a better convergence behavior in the new version.


      I also like to redirect to this example: Avalanche photodetector – Ansys Optics


      Thanks and regards


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