Unable to run the “Modal Analysis” after installing a new Mode License

    • DGi

      Our yearly Lumerical MODE license just expired and we have now a temporary floating license to bridge the time it needs for having a new one. After having installed the temporary license on our company server, I can succesfully open my previous .lms projects, for instance the LNO_waveguide.lms example provided in the Lumerical website. However, I cannot run the model. Even if I press the "run" button on top, the option in the Modal Analysis is disabled and the "Calculate Modes" button does not work. This happens to my colleagues too on their PC. How should we proceed?

      Thanks for the support

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      I guess this is a temporary issue. Please try to restart your computer, and rebuild a simple file instead of using the existing file. You do not need to click "run" as long as you can access the "analysis window".
      From my own experience, when the license is changed, it may take sometime to calculate after clicking "Calculate modes". Please make sure that the button is highlighted when you place your mouse on it.

      You can also try to use script command:

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