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Unable to save the document. Reason: the process cannot access the file

    • cbur
      Hello, One of our customers has been having a big problem with registration for some time When saving, messages appear: "Unable to save the document. Reason: the process cannot access the file, because it is used by another process. The file: "Y:....." Then it saves a different and unreadable file at each saving with 5 minutes of advance compared to the clock of the PC and it replaces the file .scdoc by these same unreadable file (.pwd, .2av, ....) For the moment they can only work locally because if they work on the network they risk losing their files and thus losing several days of work! regards
    • Devendra Badgujar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi charlie

      Does the customer face this issue only with this model or does this happen with all models? If it is just with this specific file, you can send it to me so I can test it. 

      I recommend copying the geometry into a new design and try saving that.

      You can try resetting your user settings from File > SpaceClaim Options > Advanced > Reset All User Settings.

      It may also be worth doing a clean uninstall/reinstall to see if that helps.


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