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Unable to save Workbench projects

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      When trying to save my Workbench project I am met with a message saying that "Access to the path 'session_files' is denied". The project saves but when later opened again the data is corrupted.

      Same problems encountered Here and Here , none answered. The screenshots are the same for me and I have permitted access to the working directory to all users and services.

      Please help me resolve this

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee


      The Ansys forum link that you have shared seems to have a workaround at the end. Did you get a chance to look at that?


      I was also experiencing a similar problem, and I was able to solve it based on combining the advice of EizehuChacham and tsiriaks.

      I had been syncing the folder I was saving my files in using Google Drive for Desktop, and I was getting this error message any time I tried to open a project. I turned off syncing for the folder I was saving my projects in, and then when trying to open them I experience a new error message:

      To solve this, I had to delete the .backup folder for the project. Once I did that, the project opened and works normally. It seems every time I save, close, and attempt to reopen my project, this error repeats and I need to delete the .backup folder again. It's not working perfectly for me, but this may be an acceptable work around for others experiencing this problem. I will post an update if I find a permanent solution for this.

      I hope this post helps anyone else experiencing this problem.



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      • 239487

        "I had been syncing the folder I was saving my files in using Google Drive for Desktop"

        Thank you SO MUCH this was the case and the solution was as simple as stopping the sync / moving my working dir.

    • Ernesto RD


      El consejo de @Aniket, funciona, muchas gracias. Solo hay que pausar la sincrinización de las nubes (si tienen varias), luego ir a la carpeta y borrar la carpeta de respaldo donde tienen el medelo de trabajo, es todo.


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