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Unable to start geometry editor

    • orndui

      So I was working on a project in Workbench, as I often do, using a parametric geometry and many design points in a CFD study using Fluent.

      I saved the workspace, and after that I was unable to open the geometry editor (I prefer using DesignModeler instead of SpaceClaim). I am now unable to open DesignModeler even in a completely blank Workbench project. The error message is simply "Unable to start the geometry editor."

      I have run into this issue before and ended up reinstalling Ansys after spending countless hours trying to fix the problem. I do not want to go that route again, there must be an easier way.

      Note that I am able to start SpaceClaim. I am running Windows 10 on a Dell XPS 15 9560, Ansys 18.2.

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