Unable to update mesh for fluid analysis.

    • 佐々木力矢

      I am analyzing the fluid in pipes for practice. I was able to create a model of the piping. In addition, I was able to create the mesh. The mesh cell in workbench are not checked.

      The error says, "Fluid mesh comport failed. This is a cell mesh update error in the system. Please refer to the message in Meshing editor for more information."

      Meshing editor says "The mesh file exporter failed during the conversion. Please send the date to your provider."

      How can I solve this problem?

      Also how do I send the data?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Please check Named Selections in meshing. There may be some overlapping named selections.
      Right click on Named Selection and use Fix overlapping NS. Then update the meshing cell in WB.
      You can find many related posts on the forum.
      Please go through help manual for more details
      Regards Keyur
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