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General Mechanical

Unconverged contact analysis

    • Pepe26


      I am trying to converge quite easy case, where a cylinder is partially surrounded by two different materials with interference around 0,1 mm. The aim of this analysis is just to close the interference. It is a structural static analysis, with large deformation activated. I've used standard contact behavior with friction coefficient= 0,01 just to prevent the rigid body motion. Finally it is not converging, stopping after 60-70% of time step. It is metal to wood connection. KEYOPT (9) is set to include everything with ramped effect, KEYOPT(6)=2, no automatic contact adjustment KEYOPT(5), CNOF=0, FKN=1.

      The last - finally unconverged sub-step is showing something like a flag, at the top elements from the screw head. Please see the attached file. I could not get rid of that.

      Could you please suggest how can I improve the convergence?

    • peteroznewman

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