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Understanding Ansys CFD, Mechanical, HPC licensing

    • Babu Gandhi Subramanian

      I understand that each Mechanical and CFD license allows solver to run on 4 cores. We have 5 Mechanical, 3 CFD licenses and there are 4 HPC cores available. While trying to run CFD in 3 different workstations (similar ones with 12 logical processors each), license works for some configuration of cores and does not work for the rest. 

      For example,

      Workstation 1 = 12 cores, W2 = 4 cores, W3 = 4 cores => Works fine

      W1 = 12 cores, W2 = 4 cores, W3 = 8 cores => Does not work

      W1 = 8 cores, W2 = 8 cores, W3 = 8 cores => Works fine

      Why is this so ? If at all each license works with 4 cores, then the maximum core that a workstation can utilise is 4 + 4 (License and HPC) = 8. How is CFD running 12 cores when the max core availability is 8 ? 

      Need some clarity on this, kindly help.


    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Can you post the license status to see exactly what licenses you have?
      Also, under %TEMP%\.ansys there will be license debug files.
      Can you post the error found in the license debug file for the program you are running?

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