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Underwater pressure in transient structural

    • Germán Ferrando

      Hello, I have been trying for a while to apply the effect of underwater pressure lets say 5 atm to one moving mechanism in transient. It is necessary to do a FSI coupling one way?

      Could I apply just a pressure to the whole mechanism? I think it should be just to the external parts of the mechanism. Besides I am calculating the required N.m (needed torque) to move the joints and the whole body at different depths in the sea but it seems to change very little (varying a lot the pressure).

      When I did FSI coupling one way with Fluent it was the same as applying pressure on transient, I am stuck at this point.

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      For submerged structures, pressure will act on all the faces and will produce a compressive state of stress at a given section. What if you subject the mechanism to 5 atm pressure alone?

      Also, can you share a snapshot of the mechanism and components you think will be affected by the pressure application?


      Ashish Khemka



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