unexpected high pressure in one corner of enclosure

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      Hi, been struggling to find the solution for this for a while, under all flow conditions it complains that the wall is too close to an outlet even though it's 20c downstream and 10 C above and below.

      I get results but best i can get is CD is about 60% higher than it should be compared to data from theory of wing sections.

      if i try running it at m 1.2 there's a triangle of very high speed flow in the bottom right of the enclosure, and i can only run this at 0 aoa otherwise it just throws an error about the max mach number going up to mach 7 or so, then crashes

      Using cartesian components to simulate AoA so front and bottom are inflow and top and back are outflow.

      I'm really out of ideas here...


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      I suggest you to refer this Ansys innovation course on compressible flow over airfoil simulation set up. Hope this will solve your problem 

      Airfoil Simulation Example | Ansys Courses



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