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Uniformity index of velocity (Area weighted)

    • Amit Gulavani
      This post is related to velocity uniformity index post processing.
      Actually I have simulated catalyst converter and try to find out uniformity index at 10mm inside the substrate. As shown in image that the Ui plane is 10mm inside porous media and at the periphery there is a wall BC of no slip type and numerical value of Ui is calculated under surface integral area weighted which is shown in image.

      As shown in image the minimum velocity is 0 at the wall. so do i need to take the plane few mm inside from the wall in order to avoid zero velocity or is it ok from physics point of view.
      kindly let me know what is the best way to post process uniformity index value: with wall plane or without wall plane

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      That depends on what you want to show. I do suggest replotting with "local range", ie turn off the global range. That'll give you a value scale for the surface(s) selected. Looking at that contour I'd also replot with node values off. Then post the result on here. 

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