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General Mechanical

unknown error occurred during solution

    • Elias
      After clicking on the solve button doing thermal homework of it can't display the solutions rather shows me unknown error occurred during the solution and when I Check the solution information I saw "the memory size requested (1024 mb) is not currently available. Reenter ANSYS command line with less memory requested." Any idea please?
    • peteroznewman


      Does your computer have 4 GB of RAM? That is the minimum required for ANSYS. If so, restart your computer, start ANSYS and try solving again. Perhaps you had too many programs open and the RAM was consumed.

      If your computer has only 2 GB of RAM, you can still make ANSYS solve tiny problems in Mechanical by using Tools, Solve Process Settings, Advanced button, checking the Manually specify... and typing these numbers for Workspace and Database.

      Does your computer have two cores?  If not, you must type 1 where you see 2 above.


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