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Discovery Import

Unknown Geometry appearance of Structural Simulation


    • ma.e.ebol


      Good day,


      I would like to ask for a solution on a problem encountered on ANSYS Discovery AIM.

      An unknown object appears on the model (light blue colored object on the top right portion of the picture) when loading the file on ANSYS Discovery AIM. The said object is not visible when editing the geometry on space claim or Discovery AIM. The original file was converted from sketchup to Ansys Space Claim and then loaded to Discovery AIM. 

      Please help us to understand the cause of the problem and how can we eliminate it.


      Thank you!

    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello THPAL Engineering ,


      If you are seeing this light blue component in Mesh view, it is just a visual tool to highlight how big elements can be fitted in your geometry. Refer below image.


      If it isn't this, I will need to do furthermore investigation and might need your simulation archived file.


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