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Unknown message in transcript for Fluid Structure Module and reliability of Result

    • abhardwaj


      I am working on Ansys Aim Fluid Thermal Interaction module with a pretty linear flow but while looking at the transcript I find a message as mentioned in the attached image


      I have set my turbulence conditions to be automatic. I have no idea about the significance of this message, weather it is an error affecting my result or it is just a warning that can be ignored. Moreover, I did stop my solution process in between at around 1000 iterations and the partial result that I am getting is very close to my experimental result. Here I am attaching an image of my solution monitors.Residuals

      I am also not sure about my stopping point being right by looking at the temperature residual.

      The simulation setup is explained below:-

      1.  The heat source is enclosed within a fluid body whose 4 faces are considered as wall and 1 face is considered as input face with air velocity as 1mm/s. whereas output face is assigned 0 Pascal gauge pressure.

      2. Buoyancy is applied in vertical direction. and heat source is assigned with 500 watts.

      3. Material specifications are properly assigned and geometry is fine with good mesh quality.


      Kindly help us to understand the concept and remove the error if any.



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