• lancer

      Hello, I'm currently doing SOFC with Unresolved Electrolyte for CFD Fluid. However, the electrolyte is unresolved. I got an example from a tubular design, thinking trying to apply it for my planar design. But, I don't understand how he have a wall-electrolyte and wall-electrolyte shadow without a zone condition. If I am not mistaken, you need to have a solid-fluid contact or solid to solid contact but not fluid-fluid contact to have a wall and wall-shadow boundary. Below is the compiled example I found for tubular design:

    • Aleksey Gerasimov

      Hello Lancer,

      There can be a wall/wall-shadow between two fluid zones, this is not a problem. The fuel-module takes care of what's happening in between these two surfaces with some submodels without resolving the electrolyte explicitly. Please refer to the SOFC theory and user guide on what is happening there exactly. 

      We do have a comprehensive tutorial for the example that you showed in your post, including all relevant files. These files are available from Ansys Customer Portal (Solution 2067055) as well as from Ansys Learning Hub. I appreciate that you might not have access to them, but please check with your supervisor, who might have access. There is also a trial access to the Ansys Learning Hub for which you can apply.

      Hope this helps and best regards,



    • lancer

      Thank you for the reply.

      1) Firstly, when I put fluid-fluid zone. There is no wall/wall-shadow instead it said interior. I want to learn why is there a electrolyte between the cathode and anode while there is no electrolyte in zone condition. Anode and Cathode are fluid zone.

      2) Yes, the sofc with unresolved electrolyte module take what happening between the two surface (anode and cathode) without resolving the electrolyte. But, what does it mean by unresolved electrolyte? Do we need to make an electrolyte part/body? If do, it should be in zone condition.

      3) Currently I am using ANSYS Fluent User Guide version 2021 R2 released on July 2021. This was given by the ansys technical team. It contain the setting up parameter for the module but I couldn't simulate even after following the guide through and through.

      4)Yes I have access to the Ansys Customer Portal and yes I did performed the  Solution 206755. But using the ANSYS version 2021 R1. It couldn't simulate too even thoroughly followed the tutorial.

      5) The ANSYS Learning Hub I watch some of the videos and free courses tutorial but I didn't found the info I needed.

      Hope to hear from you again.

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